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Old School Tuition

Private Tutor

Mathematics, Physics & general science

Year 6 - GCSE - A level - adult learners

Improve grades, confidence, study skills

Entrance exams, home schooling

Chris Downing, qualified teacher, DBS checked.

Tel: 07534 795092
Email: chris@oldschooltuition.co.uk

About Chris

Tuition is most commonly associated with ‘cramming’ exam revision for GCSE and A level exams. Exam cramming may work with a motivated student. Motivated students may be tutored in exam technique which may boost an exam result by one or even two grades.

However, in my experience, the greatest improvement that may be helped with tutoring is the improvement in confidence that follows firm foundations in the basics of a subject. A confident student is more motivated to work in lesson and complete homework due to their positive mood.

There are many reasons for needing help with education. Personal tuition, by its nature is different for each individual student. Students may have gaps in their understanding due to moving house, school or class. An illness may cause a learning gap, too. Some teachers claim that they can see a link between age and progress of younger Summer-born students and older Autumn-born students. Younger students are thought to struggle more, in each year group. Note that there are plenty of examples where this is not true.

Some students have particular learning needs such as dyslexia, they may need extra time to process information or they may have a physical disability. Some students may be anxious due to a variety of reasons. Anxiety and mental health are just as important as physical health; regular care is better than dealing with a crisis.

The transition from one school stage to another may require help and guidance. Students may require additional skills to complete entrance exams.

I have years of experience in teaching and tutoring students from the final year of primary through secondary school, GCSE exams and then A level and B Tech qualifications at sixth form and college. I know that a confident, skilled student is more able to cope with these stages in life. Many adult learners are using education to help their career prospects, often coping with time constraints that necessitate good time management and organisational skills.

If you know a student who needs some help, please make contact for some honest, clear advice. There is advice, tips and free downloads on the web site:


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