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Devon Wildlife Trust Looking for Bat Survey Host Centre
January 29, 2016

Would you be interested in hosting a bat survey at your business or property?

Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project – Devon Bat Survey – INFORMATION FOR POTENTIAL HOSTS

The Devon Bat Survey is part of the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project ( ). The survey will help us increase our understanding of bats across the county, while giving people a new way of finding out more about their local area’s wildlife and being involved in a major conservation project.

Static bat detectors are placed outside for several nights and record every bat that passes, identifying species from their unique echo-location sound call. The data they gather provide a wealth of information on the bat life of the area. As bats are an indicator of a healthy, working landscape, this can tell us a lot about the wider environment too.

The Devon Bat Survey will use an online booking system to enable Survey Volunteers to book out a static bat detector for 5-6 days. The detectors will initially be held by 20 Host Centres around the county (rising to 40 in winter 2016/17) where they can be collected and returned. Each volunteer will be responsible for sending the data to the project for analysis. Volunteer Coordinators will be recruited to check the equipment periodically and to offer support to both Host Centres and volunteers. The Host Centres play a key role in the survey, being the ‘front of house’ and the place where volunteers will connect with the survey.

Benefits for Host Centres

 Opportunity to reach new audiences and individuals

 Regular contact with members of local community

 Playing a major part in a county-wide conservation project

 Giving something back to the local community


What does being a Host Centre involve?

 Secure storage for one Anabat Express detector together with its case, strap, batteries, charger and Survey Pack

 Face-to-face contact with Survey Volunteers while borrowing/returning detectors

 Receiving emails through semi-automated booking system notifying of bookings

 Providing some basic details about the survey to Survey Volunteers

 Staying in regular touch with the project and informing us of any issues or comments

 A commitment of at least one full season from any Host Centre


Key requirements for Host Centres:

 Open between April and October (inclusive) as a minimum

 Open 6-7 days per week

 Long opening hours (ideally beyond 9-5)

 At least one regular staff member who oversees Host Centre role and is main contact point

 Easy access from a wide area

 Well used and recognised local centre serving all members of local community

If you are interested in getting involved, then please contact Helen Parr, Community Engagement Officer, 01392 2792440 or 07572 687657

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