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General Information

This page is for general local information, not necessarily specific to the Parish. If you have something you would like on here, please email maria@kentisbeare.net


Blackdown Hills Online - a Parish Network site with lots of information about the wider area. 

Sandbags and flood protection

Residents wishing to use sandbags to help protect their property are required to source their own. They are of some benefit against flooding but should not be used as a first line of defence.

The National Flood Forum has details about insurance and guidance on protecting your property.

Information about flood protection products is available here: http://www.nationalfloodforum.org.uk/blue-pages/

There is guidance from the Environment Agency on how to use sandbags here: (pdf) https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/467902/LIT_3833.pdf


Interactive Bus Travel Map

Mid Devon District Council

Mid Devon District Council website

MDDC Recycling : https://new.middevon.gov.uk/recycling-rubbish/

Below is a table of links to our website about the new scheme which can hopefully help answer most questions residents have regarding the changes:

See this link for general info about recycling https://new.middevon.gov.uk/recycling-rubbish/what-can-you-put-out/

The pages with FAQs on are as follows:



Blue caddy


Green box


Black box


Brown box


The roll out of phase 2 is going to schedule.  As a quick update we have now sold over 2,000 permits and have delivered caddys to about half of the homes on urban rounds.  We will complete delivering to the homes on urban rounds on the 13th November.  The deliveries to homes on rural rounds will commence on the 23rd November and finish on the 18th December .  All urban homes (already have a brown bin) are scheduled to have one final free collection of garden waste from the brown bin the week after their caddys is delivered.  A sticker will also be attached to the bin if put out reminding them of this.

Devon County Council

Devon County Council Website

Below is a useful link to our webpages, which has helpful guidance about sorting your recycling boxes:


Mail Preference Service - No Junk Mail: http://www.recycledevon.org/junk

Reporting highways issues

Did you know that you can now report any Highways issues, such as potholes, blocked drains or ditches easily on-line? It only takes a couple of minutes, please use the link below:



The Fostering Foundation is looking for fosterers in this area: click here for information.

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