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District and Parish/Town Council Elections – 2nd May 2019. Click here to read more.
March 14, 2019

The Local Elections are due to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.  Nomination packs can be submitted between 18th March and 3rd April 2019.    

Kentisbeare Parish Council depends upon local people taking an interest in what happens in the community.  There are ten seats (i.e. the number of councillor positions available) on Kentisbeare Parish Council, and councillors are elected every four years (*see details below on elections).  Local people standing as councillors can bring a wealth of knowledge and community understanding into the local team.

The District and Parish/Town Council elections are due to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.   If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor then you will need to complete a nomination pack.  A nomination pack can be downloaded from the Mid Devon District Council (MDDC) website –  

or, by contacting MDDC Elections team via email or telephone.

Email: Tel: 01884 234214.

Nomination forms can be submitted anytime between 10 am and 4pm from Monday 18th March 2019 until Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Forms should be delivered to the Returning Officer at MDDC, Phoenix House, Tiverton, and as mentioned above, the deadline is 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

Forms should be taken into MDDC in person (see details on the nomination pack), and in good time – this is to ensure that any errors may be corrected in the presence of the candidate, thus avoiding having to invalidate the nomination and request that the candidate submits a fresh form.

 *Some information regarding elections If there are more candidates than seats, there will be a contest for those seats, and therefore a ‘contested election’.  If there are the same number or fewer candidates than seats, then there will be an ‘uncontested election’, this means that these councillors are still considered ‘elected’ – they are just elected uncontested.

Please find below the full address for submission of nominations:

The Returning Officer, Mid Devon District Council, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton. EX16 6PP

NOTE:  If you are interested in becoming a District Councillor, please also contact the Elections Team at MDDC for further details.  Email: Tel: 01884 234214.

If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Department at MDDC, details as above.


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