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Leanne’s Marathon achievement raises £3000
May 3, 2016

Just over a week ago, Leanne Perkins, landlady of the Wyndham Arms, ran the London Marathon.

We asked her how she felt about the whole thing…

“Wow where to start… the marathon was an experience to say the least. It was a very cold day and that made things a lot harder. An ongoing back issue kicked in around mile 9 due to the cold, but I managed the first half not far off my planned pace”.

Running in the country lanes is a bit different to running in London! What was the atmosphere like?

“The sheer amount of people made it very hard to get into a running rhythm as you were having to either weave past people or slow down until there was a gap to fit through. The atmosphere was amazing and the crowds and supporters fantastic. The noise in some places was deafening. The streets the whole way were lined with well-wishers and supporters. The random voice of a complete stranger shouting “Go Leigh, you can do it!” will live with me for a long time”.

Leanne Perkins before Marathon

You say you were OK in the first half. What happened after that?

“The second half it all went wrong.. a slight stumble at mile 16 sent my knee and ankle into a whirlwind of pain – probably the most pain I’ve ever experienced and by mile 20 I was in real trouble. A quick break and a hug from my husband, who offered wonderful words of encouragement, and I was off again. I was determined to run through to the finish line. Eventually I crossed in 4 hours, 30 minutes and 19 seconds; half an hour slower than planned. But I finished!”

Leanne Perkins during Marathon

An amazing achievement. You were running for the Neuro Foundation. Why is that charity special to you?

“The Neuro Foundation support children born with neurofibromatosis or NF1 & NF2 is it’s easier name. They have just recognised a third strain of that called schwonnamatosis this form affects adults. I have this very rare condition. It’s so rare we dont have a charity for it and as the only difference is how the tumours grow as in NF they grow around the nerves in schwonnamatosis they grow inside the nerves. I have had a few operations to remove these tumours and know how painful it is on a daily basis so wanted to support a charity close to this. As an adult I know how much it hurts so am in complete admiration to children that suffer this pain. I also have a higher chance of getting them on my spine so while I’m able to want to do as much as possible on my bucket list. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is next!”

Would you do the Marathon again?

“All in all London was an amazing experience that I can’t wait to repeat next year, hopefully getting in under that 4 hour time”.

Thank you to everyone that has sponsored Leanne. She has raised over £3000. If you would like to share any of your own achievements with us, please email with a photo to and we’ll be happy to share them with everybody.


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