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Marie Curie Helper Service in the South West
March 13, 2019

Care and support through terminal illness.

This service is completely free to anyone in who has a diagnosis of any terminal illness and is over 18. The service can also support those that are caring for the person with the diagnosis.

We know the smallest things can make the biggest difference – as simple as having someone to chat with over a cup of tea, help you to get to an appointment, run an errand, or just be there to listen when you need a friendly ear.

That’s where Marie Curie’s Helper service comes in. We provide trained, dedicated volunteers to people living with a terminal illness; to visit them at home, go out with them, or talk to them over the phone.
The volunteers offer both emotional and practical support and can be relied on to be there for a few hours each week.

Sam – Marie Curie Helper
“Having experienced a potentially life ending illness, I feel I can relate to some of the challenges and difficulties facing people in a similar situation. From my own experience, I realised that it can be really hard to talk to the people closest to you; in part because this can cause more upset for them, but also you do not want your whole life centred round your illness. I think I would have found it extremely helpful to have someone to talk to about my feelings other than close family and friends.”

“I became a Helper, as I felt I had valuable experience to help people in a similar situation. I especially value the friendships I build with clients, but also enjoy the practical side; as it is often difficult for them to get to various appointments, especially if they are not able to drive. It is emotional when the relationships with clients come to the end, but there is always a feeling that I have been able to make a difference at a really difficult time for both the client and their family. That is my motivator, and why I volunteer. With all my clients, I have also gained personally from the relationship, making me a better person in the process.”

Making a Referral
Call us to make a referral
0800 3047 412
Making a referral is easy just call us on the number above. We accept both professional and self -referrals. The service is for people who are terminally ill, their families and carers.

If you would like leaflets about our service then please contact us on the below details.

Volunteering with us
We’re looking for friendly and reliable volunteers to visit people with a terminal diagnosis, their families and carers, to offer practical and emotional support. As a Helper volunteer you will take on a number of simple yet crucial tasks that will make a huge difference, this could be in a family’s home, a care home or out in the community.. You will provide one-to-one companionship and support, offer a listening ear, and spend time engaging in everyday conversation, activities or hobbies with the person you are supporting. We will provide you with extensive training so you can take on the role confidently.

To apply visit our website
or call us below.

Marie Curie Helper

Marie Curie Helper Lead Volunteer

Marie Curie Contact details
If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on the below details.
0800 3047 400

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