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Photos of Kentisbeare

Aerial Shot of Kentisbeare

Bad Wolf Editing provided this aerial shot of the village. © Bad Wolf Editing 2016

Frosty Kentisbeare

   Frosty Kentisbeare © Maria Thorne 2014

Jon Eldridge Donkeys   Village Donkeys, Courtesy: Jon Edridge

Kentisbeare in Snow

Snowy St Mary’s, Courtesy: Rupert Ballantyne

Kentisbeare Snow 2009
Kentisbeare Snow 2009, Courtesy: R. Ballantyne

Kids in Kentisbeare  Kids in fields of gold: Courtesy (tbc)

Kentisbeare Aerial 3  Kentisbeare Aerial 3, Courtesy: Duncan Davis 2013

Mojo and Cindy Courtesy: Jez Jacob 2016

  Mojo and Cindy, Courtesy Jez Jacob 2016

Kentisbeare Square

   Christmas Lights © Maria Thorne 2014
Kentisbeare in Spring
   Kentisbeare Harvest Time © Maria Thorne 2014

 Kentisbeare from the Church Tower
  From the Tower, Courtesy: Rupert Ballantyne

St Mary's Tower
 St Mary’s from above, Courtesy: Rupert Ballantyne

Kentisbeare Aerial 1   Kentisbeare Aerial 1 Courtesy: Duncan Davis 2013

Cloudy Landscape Courtesy: Jez Jacob 2016

   Cloudy Landscape Courtesy: Jez Jacob 2016

Gerry Leyman Kentisbeare Cloudscape

   Kentisbeare Cloudscape Gerry Leyman 
Orchards in Snow
   Snowy Orchard © Maria Thorne 2014
Jubilee 5 June 2012
   Jubilee 2012, Courtesy: J Wadsworth
Kentisbeare Snow 1
  Dog walking in the snow, Courtesy: Mike Edwards
Iced trees
  Iced trees, Courtesy: Mike Edwards
Sledging in Kentisbeare
   Kentisbeare Kids Sledging, Courtesy: R. Ballantyne
Kentisbeare Aerial 2
Kentisbeare Aerial 2 Courtesy: Duncan Davis 2013

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