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Update from County Councillor – John Berry
December 30, 2016

All the latest from your Devon County Councillor.

Councillor John Berry

As Devon County Councillor I attend most Parish Council meetings, keep in touch with the Parish Council and represent your interests at Devon County Council. I sit on four committees, including Farms and Estates, plus the Blackdown Hills AONB. This year I have addressed many things including school appeals, but traffic problems easily outweigh all other areas of concern!

I have been working hard to get the Cullompton Eastern Distributer Road ever since I joined DCC, not helped by the economic recession. , It is essential to relieve congestion, improve air quality and cannot come soon enough. Delays have been caused by the need for further Environment Agency investigation into the problems posed by the flood plain, and prospects of further development on the east of Cullompton with regard to improvements to M5 J28. Realistically the soonest the Distributor Road is likely to materialise is, if and when, the East Cullompton Development plans are approved by the Planning inspector, in which case the Distributer road should be delivered early in this development. In my view it should be brought forward before any further development But there is some optimism since the Autumn Statement that Government funding for infrastructure projects might be tapped into.

In Cullompton having reported problems caused by the traffic lights on the M5 bridge, the sequence is being assessed and I hope it will be changed to improve traffic flow from all directions. 

At last the roads around Bradfield and Croyle have been repaired. DCC does try to keep on top of pot holes but Devon has more rural roads than any other County which makes this a real challenge. The extra £1.5 million allocated by Government will help but it’s use is quite tightly prescribed

My thanks and congratulations to all the volunteers who so generously give their time to keep groups, organisations and village halls thriving and vibrant which make Kentisbeare, Blackborough and Sainthill such strong communities.

Through my DCC Locality Budget I have allocated £11,380 over the last three years to the following groups and organisations:

Kenisbeare Junior cycling, Kentisbeare players

Performing Arts Kenisbeare Village Hall

Children’s Orchestra Kentisbeare Church

Kentisbeare School Kenarts Concert

Sainthill Youth Club Blackborough Hall

Parish History project Cricket Club

Defibrillator (I am pleased that most of the parishes in my Ward now have a defibrillator, some two)

Plus this year £4,014 from the Town and Parish Fund (TAP Fund) based on £1 from DCC and 10p from MDDC for every person on the Electora Roll.

I am here to help and represent you at DCC. If your require help or have concerns about DCC related issues please contact me on 01884 32320 or Email:

Wishing everyone a successful New Year

John Berry

Devon County Councillor for Cullompton Rural

(Kentisbeare, Blackborough, Sainthill, Cullompton, Butterleigh, Bradninch, Silverton)

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