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Update from MDDC Cllr Rosemary Berry
August 29, 2018

Latest on Garden Village, Relief Road and Blackborough House.

Cullompton Eastern Relief Road Consultation 
Plans have been published and public consultation to determine the prospective route for the East Cullompton Relief Road follow in September. MDDC hope that Housing Infrastructure Fund Grant can bring this forward by 2021. This road is long overdue and essential before more development takes place. The route is vitally important for the whole area, it has potential to affect residents and businesses in the area surrounding Cullompton. Opinions from Kentisbeare need to be heard, so please respond. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR SAY!
Culm Garden Village Consultation coming soon
There will be a Public Consultation on the proposed Masterplan in September or October. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR SAY about the future development and to protect your parish boundary.
There is no blue print for Garden Villages, each is unique, and plans are locally led. The Delivery Board, Stakeholder Group and the MDDC Technical group all contributed ideas for the plan which were fed into the Masterplanning exercise. Public Consultation will follow this Autumn. Nothing is in tablets of stone as yet, so it is really important that plenty of feedback comes from Kentisbeare residents. Again, your chance to give your views and protect your boundaries.
What we do know:
The Garden Village will happen. If the Local Plan is approved, phase one with 1750 houses will go ahead after public consultation, followed by the normal planning process. Land will be allocated for community infrastructure, sports facilities, schools, health centres, Church, small amount of retail, employment, green space, cycle and walk ways, country park, and water park (not a theme park) forming part of the flood mitigation scheme.
In the Masterplan land will be allocated for phase two, in order to look at the potential scale and facilities, but the boundary for phase two are not yet known and the layout may not eventually be as shown in the first Masterplan. Phase Two will come forward much later, after separate masterplanning, public consultation.
Queenie Broom is on the Delivery Board, as Chairman of Kentisbeare PC. With members of Kentisbeare Parish council and John Berry (DCC) I am on the Stakeholders Forum. We are all working to protect interests of Kentisbeare and to keep you informed.
The original plans for the east Cullompton Development was for 2,500 houses. Phase one will be less than this and Garden Village Status should ensure that funding, build quality and design, infrastructure, amenities and green space will be superior to what would have happened without it.
What we don’t yet know:
The final plan for the either phase one or two of the Garden Village. The area, final boundary, eventual number of houses or the delivery date for phase two. There are likely to be opportunities and threats, but as yet we cannot know what these will be.
Blackborough House. 
MDDC have commissioned a Viability Assessment on the Enabling development, which is ongoing. The Conservation Officer has done a site visit and there is much work to be done by planners. It is unlikely to come to Planning Committee until December or January at the earliest. Blackborough residents have formed a committee to mount a very well organised campaign to oppose.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am here to help.
Rosemary Berry
Mid Devon District Councillor
Phone 01884 32320

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